Queen of Hearts Nursery

At Queen of Hearts Nursery we absolutely love to play, create and educate together.
Situated in a large Victorian house with beautiful grounds, The Queen of Hearts is in an ideal location for easy access to the town centre, business and retail parks.
Each of our children has their own key carer within their own age appropriate room, which means that every child enjoys the individual attention they need to gain the most from their Queen of Hearts experience.
We have a gorgeous homely baby room, and our large outdoor garden area provides easy free-flow access to the outdoor environment all year round including a fantastic giant sand pit and a wooden climbing sculpture.
We also offer weekly dance lessons and our children benefit from learning new languages with our French teacher. The Queen of Hearts uniform is optional and assists with the preparation and transition to school.
Once our little ones move on to big school, they to go to one of the local schools together, so you can pretty much guarantee that they will be starting in reception alongside friends they’ve made at Queen of Hearts.
We’ve loads of other exciting things to tell you, so if you’re thinking of looking at a nursery for your little one, make sure you pop in and see us soon.
We are open from 8.00am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.
Please ask about the variety of session times available.